Zona Verde Transformed

November 29, 2012 in Involúcrese, The Zona Verde

The Zona Verde at Hogar del Niño revealed this past Friday the colorful art project that has been in production the last two weeks . From the 12th to the 23rd of December, a group of 8 Dominican artists—graduates of the design school in Altos de Chavon—created a stunning work of art at the extracurricular building at Hogar del Niño.  The building was completely remodeled on the exterior, from a plain white canvas to a vibrant painting, a lifelike nature scene featuring flowers, landscapes, trees, clouds and creatures.

The unveiling of this project was a great success, and the celebration was lively and cheerful.The event included singing by Quennie Paniagua, dance performances by other students, a presentation about non-violence, and even a song for the Zona Verde. Presentations were also given to honor those involved in the project, which was conceptualized and lead by Art Teacher Argenis Lebron.

The highlight of the event was a transformer costume made of recycled art.  The costume looked as it came right out of the movie, with battery powered lights, lights, gadgets, and artist and designer of the piece, Alexis Valerio, mounted inside the costume.  After revealing the transformer costume, Alexis was instantly swarmed by students anxious to get a picture and to see the transformer up close and personal.

A special thank you to the visiting artists:

Argenis Lebrón : La Romana

Modesto Santiago : Santo Domingo

Wali Vidal : Santiago

Jesús De La Cruz : Santiago

Ivan Ramón : San Juan de La Maguana

Edward Salcedo : Higuey

Hansel Morales : La Romana

Argenis Matos : Santo Domingo

Alexis Valerio : Santiago (Transformer)

And to everyone else involved with this project.