Volunteer Profile: Francisco Mercedes

November 6, 2012 in Involúcrese

For Francisco Mercedes, volunteer service comes easily—he has incorporated it into his daily routing for exercising and staying fit.

An active and energetic person, Francisco is often found exercising, running, planning workout routines with friends and practicing sports.  In between hours working at Casa de Campo, being a father and husband, and volunteering with church groups for the community, Francisco also finds time to be active in serving the community.  It was after his friend suggested to him that he could take his passion for exercise and sports—his favorite hobby—and merge it with a different type of volunteer service, that he begin working with youth and doing just that.

Now, Francisco, who has worked in concierge at Casa de Campo for over 14 years, has taken up an additional volunteer post as a physical fitness instructor at the Hogar del Niño.  Every Tuesday and Thursday he spends his mornings at the school, helping physical fitness instructor Abraham Ponce, and together they teach gym and exercise classes.

For Francisco it is easy, a perfect fusion of his favorite hobby and something else he loves to do—volunteer and give back to the community.

“For me, this is fun.  I enjoy it immensely, I am volunteering, but more importantly doing what I like. If anyone is interested in volunteering, I would recommend talking to the staff at the Hogar or PBO to be given a tour.  Once you see the Hogar, you are motivated to help, whether economically or with your presence.  There are many needs at the Hogar—for example, if you are a cook you can take some time to help in the kitchens, if you like children you can help in the preschool, if you know languages you can help teach.”‘