Starkey Hearing Foundation Visita El Hogar

noviembre 19, 2012 en Programas

The Hogar recently recieved a visit from the Starkey Hearing Foundation, an organization dedicated to, as their mission statement says, ‘’bringing understanding among people through hearing care by focusing on awareness, education, protection and treatment, so the world may hear.”  Since its creation, the foundation has fitted over one million hearing aids across the globe and over 30,000 in the Dominican Republic.

Antonio Esteban, director of the foundation in the Dominican Republic, spent the day with assistants in the Deaf-Mute school preparing molds for hearing aids.  Small putty molds were placed in the ears of the men, women and children being sized for the equipment, and after the molds hardened they were sorted to be converted into personalized hearing aids.   Sr. Esteban and the Starkey team will distribute thousands of hearing aids made from these molds on December 17th in Santo Domingo.

Sr. Esteban is a specialist in hearing and hearing instruments.  He studied Health Sciences and Hearing Instruments in Minnesota, USA.  He has worked with the institution for over 10 years.  As he emphasized, the work the foundation does is completely free of charge, with the goal of bringing dignity to men and women by enabling them to hear.

“The child who cannot communicate to their mother or father, telling them they love them, the mother who cannot hear a cry from her child from her room, or viceversa, these are the reasons that compel us to carry out these operations.”

To read more about the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s work in the Dominican Republic, visit here