Programa de Gran Alcance

An outreach program has been introduced with the dental and doctor´s office. In addition to the regular duties of caring for the children at Hogar del Niño, the dental and medical staff see the school children from the bateyes (the sugar cane working dwellings) every Tuesday and Thursday, and from other institutions in the area, like orphanages and day care centers on Wednesdays.

This program is provided free of charge to the recipients, along with a dental van located in the farthest bateys to give service to the more remote places. This social service is expected to see around 9,000 children per year, a benefit for a population that has never before seen a dentist.

These children from these institutions and communities also receive food and vitamins and they also have at their service the “Hogar del Niño” Library, the only one in the area, giving the students in the community of La Romana the opportunity and access to first class information.

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