Honors English Program Part of New Initiative

March 20, 2013 in English Programs, Involúcrese

Yesterday was the last class of the school year for volunteers Rick Laird & Joyce Berman, who along with Director of Extracurricular English Peggy Goldberg helped form the Honors English Program, a group of ten high school freshman that meets every afternoon Tuesday through Thursday.  Rick and Joyce have been working with this group since the beginning of January, imparting basic English instruction supplemented by the use of the Rosetta Stone® computer program.

The Honors English Program is part of a wider initiative to start the Hogar on the track towards becoming a bilingual school in the near future.  Former volunteer and current teacher Diane Tobio has been working with students of all ages, from preschool through basic and high school.  Along with the help of a wide volunteer base, she is currently working to develop a new curriculum and helping strategize for the implementation and actualization of English teaching programs in the coming school year.

Anyone interested in volunteering with English Programs at the Hogar, we invite you to e-mail:

      Inexis Zapata, Volunteer Coordinator, izapata @ pbo.org.do


Peggy Goldberg, coordinator of extracurricular English Programs, mortandpeggy @ gmail.com