Hogar del Niño Celebrates Fourth Graduating Class

October 4, 2012 in Events

This past August, the Patronato Benefico Oriental (PBO) had the pleasure of celebrating the fourth graduation of high school students from the Hogar del Niño school.

The thirty-one graduates were in charge of the ceremony this year and hosted a happy and unforgettable event where each student had the opportunity to express their emotions through their participation. The ceremony brought joy to all in attendance as the students shared the energy and enthusiasm of one of the most special moments of their lives.

Hosts Isaac Sosa and Luisa María Rivera began with the opening remarks. The event continued with a Presentation of Diplomas and Awards to the students and a class video, presented by student Abigail Santana. Mrs. Margaret Golberg,. Coordinator of the Extracurricular English Program at Hogar del Niño, was this year’s guest speaker, giving words of motivation and inspiration to the graduating class. Awards and certificates were also presented to Hogar del Niño professors on behalf of the students, and a final presentation by honor student Oscar Pinales and a farewell by student Diaris Merecedes Carrión brought the ceremony to a close.

During the ceremony there were many inspirational moments, the most notable being the words of scholar Ketty Alexandra Pérez, who recounted story of her struggles and the obstacles she overcame to become a professional and take advantage of the opportunity the PBO gave her to achieve her goals. Ketty, one of many successful PBO scholars, now holds a medical license in Bionanalysis from Universidad Central del Este (UCE) and works as the head of Bioanalysis at the Good Samaritan Hospital in La Romana.

Many young students have benefitted from the Scholarship Program, among them Natasha Silverio Mercedes and Geuri García, who currently attend UCE’s architectural program. These two young professionals also shared their stories before presenting scholarship awards to this year’s graduating class. This year’s scholars were Oscar Solis, Isaac Sosa, Leidy Santana, Diaris Merecedes and Ravel Paniagua, and were presented their awards by Xiomara Menéndez, Phyllis Berney, Ana María Paniagua, Alexandra Avanzini and Ketty A. Peréz.

Our institution firmly believes that all young men and women deserve the opportunity to learn and receive a quality education that allows them to overcome the difficulties of their social status, and strives to create conditions that allow these youth to become healthy professionals in our community.