Students from the Zona Verde Visit Hospital Robert Reid Cabral

May 14, 2012 in Events, The Zona Verde

A gesture of love and solidarity took place when students of the Zona Verde at the Hogar del Niño traveled to Robert Reid Cabral Hospital in Santo Domingo to visit their Youth Cancer Center.

The students put aside their own selves for the day and made the trip to the Center to bring music, arts, and crafts—as well as smiles of joy—to the young patients there.  As the Hogar students said, “we came to teach them how to make flowers from recycled newspaper as a gift, and we hope they might be able to make the flowers again themselves and pass on the gift to others in the future.’’

The highlight of the trip was the friendship that developed between the children—the passed the day not only engaged in the projects together, but sharing stories, music, tastes, hobbies and common interests as well, making it an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

At the end of the day, after sharing a meal of delicious pizza, the children reflected on the experience.  It was clear by the big smiles they carried that the certainly had the satisfaction of having shared, given, received, and to have found good friends.